During your time at law school, participation in legal competitions can be lots of fun, while also allowing you to demonstrate to potential employers your legal skills. There are a few main types of legal competitions. These competitions are usually run by your university Law faculty, but you may also wish to participate in intervarsity (between different universities), national or international competitions later on.

The four main types of legal competitions are:

  • Mooting – this is a simulation of a court hearing in an appellate court. In teams of two, you will argue your client’s case in front of a panel of judges. This is a great competition to build your legal skills such as building strong arguments backed up by legal authorities.
  • Negotiations – in teams of two, you will be given a scenario in which two parties have a legal dispute over a certain matter. You and your partner will have to negotiate with the team representing the other party and come up with a solution that is agreeable to both sides.
  • Client interviewing – a client has approached you for a preliminary meeting. You will have to determine the material facts of the client’s case and determine the legal issues of the case.
  • Witness examinations – this is a simulation of a court hearing, in which you will have to question witnesses to gain evidence that supports your client’s case.

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