Here are a few tips for 1st year law students:

  1. Always do your readings before class – the amount of readings can seem overwhelming at times, but completing the readings will allow you to better understand your class discussions. Consider splitting the readings with your friends (one friend reads this section, another reads this section, etc and share notes) to lighten the load.
  2. Summarise your readings – the readings can be very long so if you summarise them and make notes you will be able to revise what you have learned in an instant. Summarise cases and make case briefs, including the most important points raised in the case.
  3. Engage in class discussions – ask questions and make comments about what you have read. Discussing your ideas in class exposes you to many new perspectives and teaches you how to argue your point of view.
  4. Make a study timetable – considering how much work law school can be, it is imperative that you plan out your time wisely. Leave time for readings before each class and make sure to pencil in some relaxation time as well to get away from the stresses of uni life.
  5. Make lots of new friends – you can lessen the workload by making new law friends to study together, and share the ups and downs of law school.
  6. Compete in legal competitions – your first year is the perfect time to become involved in legal competitions like mooting and negotiations. In the first year, these competitions are less competitive as these competitions are new to most students, allowing you to try out the different competitions without too much pressure.