Volunteering can be a great way to give back to the community while also gaining legal skills for the future. The most common place to volunteer for legal work is at a Community Legal Centre (CLC), which aims to assist the disadvantaged by providing them with free legal advice.

Typically, CLCs are looking for students who have completed their first year of a 3-year law degree, or have completed their second year of a combined law degree. You may be asked to submit your resume/CV and detail why you want to work at a CLC. You may also have to be interviewed.

You can search for volunteer positions available at community legal centres here: https://clcvolunteers.net.au/ There are also many opportunities available to get involved in social justice initiatives and charities/organisations that will develop your legal skills: https://www.sjopps.net.au/ Make sure to also check out the various volunteering opportunities available at your law school. Opportunities include legal clinics and internship opportunities. These programs may also be counted as units of credit towards your law degree).